Time for you to make Sales

November 30, 2018

Instagram has turned into a place not just for personal but now for business. Millionaires are being made on IG!


Don't believe me look at the come up of famous IG stars that we have grown to love!




Why is Instagram good for Business? 


If you haven't heard already, Instagram is now at 1 billion users and grown! It's daily use has surpassed Facebook! Shouldn't you get in on this action? If there are this many people on IG and you're not making a sale something is wrong...


1. You don't know anything about Instagram for business, you just don't have the knowledge




2. You know it but you're just too lazy to execute.


I pray it's not the second one but lets be real it is probably a mixture of both.



Don't worry, I've been there.


Here are the benefits of why Instagram is good for business:


1. Customers Want to Know About Your Products Daily, they want to be the first to know what products are dropping and they want the visual!

2. Visual Content Attracts Unlimited Audience. Visuals are easier to interpret. It grabs the attention of several eyes

3. Connect To Other Social Accounts. Connecting your Instagram account with other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, t