1000 Followers Challenge: Tip #1 Make sure your Bio is Right and Tight!

April 8, 2018


Here we are! We have started the 1000 follower challenge and I am so excited. You should be too! You are well on your way to getting your first 1000 followers or at least growing your account by hundreds. If you missed the 1000 followers challenge video you can watch it here: 1000 Followers Challenge


Everyday I am going to leak tips to you from the 1000 followers challenge. Take head to these tips and do as I have pointed out and I guarantee you will reach your 1000 followers.


Tip #1 Make your Bio right and tight.


Your bio is the first thing that users see once then open up your Profile Page. It's not good if you have a fire Instagram post that gets the users interested, they go to your page and NOTHING. The user gets a profile that is unorganized, has no clear direction, website link is a mess and leads to no where, and they have NO CLUE what you do.


I am going to help you get your BIO together so that when users show up on your page you reel them in with all the information they need and an awesome page that makes them want to follow your business account!


So here are the things you need to create an amazing bio:


Have a good and consistent Instagram username: 


Having a consistent username is key to instagram users finding your account. If you have the same username on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more it will be easier for clients to find you when they search for you.

Make sure your username relates to your business. In a business account you have the option to place your title as well as a "Name". In the name portion place your Business title instead:



Answer the 5 W's:


Who are you as a business? What are you selling / what problem are you solving? When are you available (hours of operation)? Where are you located? Why are you offering the services your offering?


Answering the 5 W's gives your potential clients all the answers they need prior to speaking to you personally. 


Have a power Link and make it look neat:


Instagram gives you the option to have a link so make sure you utilize this feature to the best of your ability. Link to your website, blog, a landing page, an email lead capture page, anything that is going to help you to progress your business. The power is in your link.


If you have a regular .com address great! If you do not then make sure you use a link shortener so that your links look neat and to the point. My fave and go to is Bit.Ly. Not only does bit.ly shorten your links but it also captures insights for that particular link and where the source is coming from. 


If you have multiple links and you want to add 3 or more links in the link field IT IS POSSIBLE with Linktree! Watch this short intro to linktree.