Working with Me as your Instagram Coach

Each person has their own way of working and I am no different. If you have ever wondered what it's like to work with me, then let this blog answer all your questions!

In just a few short sentences we'll get an idea on how my coaching sessions go for those who choose the right approach at first glance (and that includes most people).

As someone busy living in today’s fast paced society there are many things worth listening too when looking into hiring someone new - but here is one thing: nothing beats having fun while doing so because as everyone knows -- happy clients equal successful outcomes which lead happier lives overall!!

My Background Story

I started out as a Social Media Manager. I learned from Rachel Pederson in Social Media University and started to manage accounts. I started out doing free work which is how you should start your business. Do volunteer work when you are just starting so you can have social proof (a little bit of advice for you). As I grew I landed some big ticket deals and started working with some big people like Gary Vaynerchuck in his Facebook Group, Kim Coles as her student coach, I was also featured in Business Insider.

As I kept working in my business I learned that I really didn't like managing accounts to much I was more of a Coach, 1 on 1 trainer, and an educator. I like people. I like helping them and seeing them get success. I still managed accounts but my thing was being involved with people. I also learned that Instagram was my jam. So I mastered that platform. Think about it, why deal with a million platforms when you can master one.

Lexus IS 250 Car
The UniLex

My Personality, and why you'll be addicted to it

I am a whole Unicorn. It is represented in my Instagram account, my Facebook account, my website, and most of my content. I rock bright colors, my Lexus IS250 is completely modded and has a Neo Chrome Unicorn wrap.

I love connecting with people that are like me or get me. I love energy that makes me want to work with you all the more. You know what a perfect fit is? An introvert and an Extrovert. Can you guess which one I am?

A Structured List of Reasons why You'll love me

1. I enjoy helping people, and I take pleasure in seeing their progress. My career has come full circle, as I am now using my skills to help others achieve success!

2. I’ve worked with everyone from small business owners who are starting out, to celebrities. I love seeing people inspire!

3. My approach is ‘hands on’, friendly and personal which makes it easier for you to relax and focus on your goals while you’re working with me one-on-one.

4. I consider myself a visual person, which is why I love photography and help my clients use this to their advantage.

5. I’m always on the look out for great new social media apps, tools & services to pass on to you so you don’t need to waste any time looking. That way all of our sessions together are spent 100% focused on you and what you need to do to progress.

6. I don’t just set out a plan for you, but also help guide you through the steps needed to achieve it.

7. If you have an idea, then don’t be shy - let me know!

8. I like to keep things simple, and avoid confusing theories which means we can spend more time getting on with what works.

9. We don't need to spend too much time together - after all, the fewer meetings the better! Our sessions will simply depend on what you need.

10. I love my job! And I really hope that comes across in how I work.

Wrapping up My Greatness

In conclusion, I believe that if you hire me, then that says a lot about what you’re looking for in someone to help you.

And the best thing is - if your expectations are met, then it means we get to work together! If not…well all the better for someone else who will get more from our time together.