Why using Linktree App can actually hurt your Instagram Marketing

If you're using Linktree App (or any other "link in bio" app) for your Instagram marketing, you might want to reconsider. These apps are built on convenience and for better organization but is it distracting your ideal customer and clients. Read this blog to learn how having the Linktree App or other Link In bio apps can actually hurt your Instagram marketing.

Is the Linktree App bad for your Marketing on Instagram?
Linktree App Bad for Instagram Marketing

What is the Linktree App?

Linktree App is a free tool that lets you construct an unique page with vital links to share with your audience and following. The app is compatible with several social media networks, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and others.

When it comes to Instagram Marketing, Instagram only allows you to include ONE link in your bio. We have so many delights as small business owners that one link just isn't enough, and we want to provide our followers alternatives.

Linktree App allows for more possible options for sites and content to be spread. So you enter all of your different links into Linktree App, then paste just the ONE Linktree URL into your Instagram bio (remember, you can only have one), and when someone clicks on the URL, they will see a lovely list of all of the other links you included!

To the left is the example from @bigcatcreative

Why you shouldn't use Linktree App on Instagram

Linktree App is a brilliant business concept. It's really easy! Linktree App solves a major issue that many of us have with Instagram the inability to have multiple links. You have to think though when you use Linktree App are you distracting your audience?

For example, if you are trying to make a major sale on Instagram and the cost is $27 and you send them to Linktree in your bio, will they see a ton of freebies and deflect and get the freebies instead of your product?

Another thing to think on is your traffic and data collection. When users go to Linktree there is an analytics tool but wouldn't you rather send them to your website and you track them with your pixel so you can further retarget them for ads? Sending users to your website is the best thing, google, Facebook ads and Instagram ads are amazing for retargeting but only from your website so why not just send them there?

Here are some other reasons why Linktree App isn't best for your Instagram Marketing:


Given the number of link in bio software outages, this should be a lesson learnt and the only motivation you need to abandon these platforms and utilize this way instead!

I prefer to have control over everything in my business, and entrusting all of my Instagram conversions to a firm that glitches out and actually stops operating for hours or even days at a time isn't very 'in control' (I realize it's sometimes IG's fault, but still)

I'm sure it crashes more than you realize, so how many conversions do you think you're missing out on if it's always crashing? It's not worth the risk when you can utilize this tried-and-true approach instead!


The goal of Linktree App (as well as other social media in general) is to drive traffic to your website. You're just adding an extra step if you use Linktree App.

Instead of linking people directly to your website, you're redirecting them from Instagram to a site that isn't yours, hoping that everything goes smoothly, that everything on this foreign site (that you don't control) works, and that they eventually click on one of the links and end up on your site.

That extra step is completely unneeded and increases your chances of having trouble getting people to your website (I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on someone's Linktree App.

The more direct traffic you receive to your site, the better; it even helps with SEO!


When I originally joined up with Linktree App (way back when), the first thing I noticed was how u-g-l-y it was. Nobody appears to care since it's become the standard, but when you're operating a small business, you should KNOW how important branding is, and Linktree provides you NO alternatives for adding your own brand design. There are no colors! Branding is essential. Don't work so hard to build your beautiful, on-brand Instagram feed just to utilize Linktree and its restricted color palette.

Please keep in mind that I believe you may pay for a premium edition of Linktree that allows you greater creative flexibility.

Not only is it visually off-brand, but you're also doing your brand a disservice by having only one link on your profile that isn't even your website URL. You want visitors to see your website URL and become comfortable with it so they will remember it and return gladly. You're giving Linktree all of the credit here, and no one on Instagram probably even KNOWS what your website is; if they're not in the small business world, they could believe Linktree.com is YOUR website name (it's not insane, I know people who have!).

Wouldn't it be great if you could put your brand colors and fonts, as well as your own URL, on your profile?

What to do instead of using Linktree App

Simple! Make a landing page for Instagram on your website.

I'm not sure why more people aren't doing this because it's the most basic, dependable, and FREE employment available.

All you need is a mobile-friendly website (if you don't currently have one, I'd be more concerned with getting that up and running as soon as possible!) a blank page, a few of buttons, and a header!

This is also enjoyable since you may style it anyway you like; after all, it is YOUR website, so you have unlimited creative license here!


I named my new page "Learn-More," but you may title yours whatever you choose. Just keep in mind that the URL for this page will be included in your Instagram bio, so make it something relevant and brief. You might use "Hello" or "Click-here" or anything equally intriguing!

Also, make sure this page isn't connected anywhere else on your site (in Squarespace, add it to the "not linked" area), since you only want people to see it via the link in your Instagram profile.

I also recommend turning off SEO for this page. Click the page settings cog/wheel, then SEO, and finally "Hide page from Search Results." This implies that Google will not index it as a regular page, which means that visitors will not see your Instagram links page by accident. This is a personal choice, but I believe that if people reach your Instagram links page using Google, it may be a little out of context and perplexing for them.


On my new blank page, I inserted my Instagram account @socialwithrocki in the center, followed by a list of buttons, just as I did on Linktree!

This is incredibly simple if you're using Squarespace or another simple web design platform like Wix ; just create a text block at the top and then a series of buttons! You may also use ordinary links if you believe they look better. Then link to the website, podcast, or blog etc.

You may also include a profile photo at the top and other components to make it more interesting! I kept mine quite simple since I wanted it to be as plain as possible, but how wonderful is it to have unlimited creative freedom?

You may apply custom CSS if you want to make it even more fun. If you're not confident about custom CSS, I'd propose making entertaining visuals in Canva and then uploading and connecting them (similar to buttons!).

Tip: While constructing it, remember to preview it in Mobile mode so you can see how it will look on mobile, as that is where everyone will be viewing it.


Update the link in your bio to your new URL! Head to your Instagram, click Edit Profile and then paste your new page link in.

Tip: Make sure to double check the link is correct and working!


Seriously, how simple was that? Almost more simple the signing up for Linktree. Definitely more simple than dealing with Linktree when it crashes.

Make sure you DM me on Instagram and show me your new landing page!