The best way for realtors to market on Instagram

The real estate industry is an industry that has been growing rapidly in the past couple of years. With more people buying and selling homes, it’s no surprise that the realtor business is booming too. But with a growing market comes new competition- and if you want to stay on top, you’ll need Instagram marketing tips for Real Estate, and I got your back!. In this blog post we will outline some tried and true ways to increase your conversion rate by using Instagram as a marketing tool!

Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tips for Real Estate

  • *Use hashtags or trendy words to catch people who are searching for specific things in a real estate agent, such as “realestateexpert” or “homesweethome.” Use local hashtags as well! virginiarealestate virginianewhomes. You can also use quotes from other experts and news sources – anything that will back up what you’re saying.

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  • *Make sure to engage and communicate properly on Instagram. If there is a customer question or comment, make sure to respond promptly. This will not only show the potential client that you’re responsive and serious about your work but also gives them an opportunity to talk with you in real-time about their needs and wants.

  • *Make sure you produce good content. Write about the homes, inside and out, make them feel like they want to live there. Don’t go overboard. No one wants to be bombarded by real estate images and ads from a company they don’t know, so only post once or twice per day with appropriate hashtags.

In conclusion, whether you’re a realtor or just looking for some helpful tips on how to market your business, these three Instagram marketing tips will help.