Pre Schedule Instagram Live Videos / New Play Button

Instagram has a new update to their live video. You can now preschedule your videos as well as have a practice run prior to pressing the "go live button!

What this means for you is that when planning your Instagram posts, you can schedule lives as well in advance. This will let you get more views as people can select your post and get a reminder.

The new update is now available to all all Instagram users. How convenient is that that??

You can also schedule a practice run of your live video so you can try out if everything is set up correctly, and to get familiar with the process without having to count down the seconds until going live...

According to Tech Crunch in the article "Instagram adds scheduling and ‘practice mode’ features for Live creators : Instagram says its new Live Scheduling feature will be available to creators globally. After scheduling their upcoming Live video, they’ll then be able to share that scheduled content directly to their followers through both their Stories and Feed posts.

There is also a new button on Instagram that is represented by a "play button." Under this play button all of your feed videos, IG Live videos, and IGTV videos will show under one category. Instagram Reels will still remain separated.

You can read the article on this new feature here

Tech Crunch states : "Instagram is taking another step toward its larger goal of making video a more central part of the Instagram experience with news that it will now combine IGTV’s long-form video and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called simply “Instagram Video.”

These updates are definitely worth checking out if you are an instagrammer! I know its something I'm going to be trying... see you on the gram...

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