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So, do you want to know how I increased my Instagram engagement by 500%?

It is a sad fact that Instagram engagement is falling at an annual rate of 5%. This means that Instagrammers who used to get 50 likes on their posts now only get 40 as Instagram has become more popular over the years. In addition, Instagram engagement drops every year as Instagrammers fall for some very simple tricks that make Instagrammers look less active and engaged with their followers.

In this article, I will discuss what those tricks are and how you can avoid them. Finally, we will see why Instagram engagement is important and how it affects your overall Instagram success.

#1 Use Hashtags Strategically

Instagrammers love to use hashtags on Instagram to be found by lots of their followers. The problem is that if you do this, Instagram will only show the photo to the people who search for that hashtag. This means that Instagram will not push your Instagram post out into the Instagram news feeds and will therefore give you a significantly lower engagement rate since Instagrammers have to actively search for photos on Instagram rather than be served them passively.

If you want a large Instagram following, then there are many free tools that allow you to easily search for relevant hashtags, so it is best just to use those from now on.

2. Put hashtags in the captions.

Adam, the owner of Instagram, stated that putting the hashtag in the caption area instead of the comment section is best. Your hashtags are SEO searchable and, because of this, your post may be seen on the explore page. You can still put hashtags in the comment section because they work, but it's best to place them in the caption section.

#3 Follower vs Like Ratio (F:L)

Instagrammers like to make themselves look more popular than they really are by using services like "Geturfollowers". The problem with this service is that 90% of their followers are inactive meaning that if you try following them then you will just get unfollowed after a couple of days. Not only that though, but Instagrammers who have used this service look less genuine since they are dishonest about their follower to like ratio.

"Geturfollowers" is OK for small businesses, but if you care about your Instagram engagement, then I suggest you stay away from it and aim instead for more natural growth on Instagram using free Instagram services such as Grow Tribe.

#4 Have an Interesting Profile Photo

Your profile picture should be interesting enough to make someone want to click on the link in your bio section. This means that it should be of high quality, professional-grade, or relevant to your business interests. If it isn't possible to change your profile photo (can't afford a new one), then you should make your bio link an interesting section of text so that it makes people want to click on the link in order to see what you have got to offer.

# 5 Follow Relevant People

The right way to do this is by searching for all Instagrammers related to whatever your business or interests are. Then, from these Instagrammers, follow a small number of them based upon how similar they look in terms of followers and engagement rate, using a free Instagram follower tool. This will help deliver more value through comments and follow-ups in return. You can change your list every week or month depending on how active you want to be with Instagram.

In Conclusion

Low Instagram engagement can be easily fixed using the tips outlined in this blog. As always, if you want to ask questions or add your own tips, feel free to comment.

This article was written by me, Rocki, and it has been posted on my Instagram account for which you can find here: @socialwithrocki

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