Instagram is finally letting live streamers add moderators

Finally, Instagram has made it possible for Live streamers to designate moderators for their broadcasts. The moderators will be able to report remarks, remove viewers from the stream, and turn off comments for a specific viewer.

Instagram Live Moderators
Instagram Live Moderators

The three dots in the comment section of a Live video, according to Instagram, allow users to choose a moderator. A list of suggested moderators is provided, or users may type in a specific username to find a certain moderator.

Instagram has just just begun to enable moderators for its streams, despite the fact that Live has been available since 2016. When it comes to other livestreaming services, such as Twitch and YouTube, moderation has become a must. In the same vein as Instagram's sibling business, Facebook, Facebook has added tools to let users remove trolls from their streams and to add censors to their feeds.

With the introduction of chat moderators, Instagram is hoping to increase the number of producers using Live by offering them a way to monetize their shows.

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