Instagram Down, What did you Learn?

The Instagram network went down today for most people worldwide. This included the website, mobile app and third party apps that integrated with it. This meant that users were unable to access their accounts (and other's) via the aforementioned means. Those who use third-party social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer were left in despair.

As well as having an impact on social media managers, it also had an effect on celebrities (who use the site for promotion).

Ads stopped, promotions stopped, life stopped, so what do you do when this happens?

Nothing, Nothing at all

A lot of people had fear of data breaches while still many others were worried about losing their content if the whole platform got deleted. Let's not also talk about Instagram Marketing experts and Social Media experts who felt their lives were on the line. I started freaking out because my business is to promote people on Instagram and then what was I supposed to do now?


When I logged into my Instagram account I realized that nothing was working. I then went to this article and read about what had happened and to be honest I wasn't that shocked.

I then realized that the only way to get the issue solved was by waiting. I did what everyone else did, I switched to Twitter and tweeted about Instagram not working while at the same time liking other people's tweets about it so they knew there were people who felt their pain.

The next step was then contacting Instagram Support through email because that is what everyone else did until this article was posted. With all of these happening, I started panicking that my business would collapse but then again just like every good thing in life it has an end. So eventually after the day of impatiently waiting for support to reply to emails, Facebook page comments and tweets, things got back to normal on app stores by late afternoon today.

This opens up the question of what is your backup plan? Did you go back to the email list of people that you ignored and all of a sudden remembered them? If that was the case, BAD BUSINESS.

Is your website up to par? I took the time to update some blogs, content batch, and beef up my nurturing email newsletter to make sure I maintain relationships

You should always nurture your email list... always!

My advice is to never rely on one social media platform because they are unstable. I use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest in addition to Instagram. Continue to build your email list and keep in touch regularly as well.

To wrap up this article what you need to do is make sure that your contingency plan works... every time. If it doesn't then you have a bad backup plan because there's no fun in waiting for things to go back to normal when you know the answer already.