How to use new Instagram Map Feature to explore Williamsburg Virginia

I woke up this morning and wanted to know what my local area of Williamsburg Virginia was doing. I was in great surprise to find out that there was a new map feature! I finally got it I'll just say that. The new Instagram Map feature has been out for some since last year 2021. Why Instagram takes so long to roll this out to some who knows, that's a whole other blog to create. This blog is about what the Instagram mapping feature is, who it's good for, how to use it, and mostly how you can explore the beautiful Williamsburg Virginia using the feature!

What is the new Instagram Map Feature?

Consider the Instagram Map feature to be a new Search page... on a map.

It's similar to "Google Maps," but with photographs, videos, and Instagram Stories from other individuals and businesses.

You get to view what's around you:

Any recommendations for decent cafes?



Small Businesses?


Hair stylists?


You may view authentic images of the location, food, and merchandise. Is the hotel genuine? In good condition? Is the meal good? What does it look like? What do other people think?

You may even search for extremely specific items.

Assume you're wanting sushi in Williamsburg, VA right now.

You may search for "Sushi" to find Sushi Restaurant  near you.

Isn't it amazing?

Who is the new Instagram Map feature good for?

The Map function comes in handy if you are:

A local business: Put your location on the map (Williamsburg, Va) so people can find you. This is a new way to expand your business on Instagram and in Williamsburg. See the three approach suggestions below.

A traveler: If you're visiting a new city, you can discover what's popular nearby, including major landmarks and the most Instagrammable spots.

A content producer / blogger: So that companies and new followers may discover you if they wish to follow or collaborate with local content creators.

A resident who want to share photographs of your city, or Williamsburg Va.

How to use the Instagram Map feature?

It's quite simple.

Go to your Explore page.

Click the search bar and type in your location.

You will see the Location pin with the Location name

Once you click on the location the map will pop up 

See what's nearby: If you've given Instagram permission to utilize your location, it will begin automatically displaying you what's hot in your area. Or you can tap on the map and shrink it and other locations and stories will show!

You can also Choose a category (restaurants, cafés, etc...) to filter. It will display regular posts and Instagram Stories

Tap the "search" button to look for anything particular (like on Google)

Move the map: Use the map to search for items in other cities, suburbs, and even nations.

You can also click on your current location to find whats near you and open the map in your phone for directions! 

How to show up in Instagram Map Feature as a Williamsburg Virginia Business

Here are three strategies to consider:

1. Create a category for your Instagram page.  This is in your Instagram Bio. Select Category and what your business falls under. For example Restaurant 

2. Include your location in your post. Geotag Williamsburg Va

3. Make use of hashtags

Keywords are hashtags.

They are search terms that people will use to find something specific.

Instagram, for example, features a "Williamsburg café" category

However, it lacks a "Acai bowl" filter.

So, how can people discover you if they have a certain craving

As a result, I propose that you add the hashtag #sushi so that people can locate your café on a map.

Here are some hashtag ideas:

Use location hashtags (for example, #williamsburgva).

Use product / service hashtags that accurately reflect what you sell, perform, or provide (for example, #acaibowl, #hairstylist, #dentist, #massage, #facial, #organic).

Add hashtags to your older posts so they display on the map as well.

How do I get this new Instagram Map Feature

We all know how Instagram is. They always take their sweet time rolling out the feature to everyone. This has been out since last year but I am just getting it today. I suggest updating your phone, typing in locations and seeing if it worked. If not you should see it shortly.

Let's stay connected so that you can learn all of the new Instagram Features and more!