How to make a Reel for Instagram Reels

A reel is a film term for a compilation of scenes from movies, usually showcasing the actor's best moments. In this blog post, we will be showing you how to make your own Instagram Reel. We have gathered some tips and tricks in order to create a successful reel that will wow potential clients. Follow these tips and tricks in order to create an effective reel on Instagram! Ready? Lets get started!

Making an Instagram video reel is one of the best ways to gain more exposure and engagement on Instagram. Not only will you be able to expand your reach with people who might not follow you, but it also makes your feed look amazing depending on the creative cover photo that you use... Forbes magazine even stated that it is the best use of the Instagram platform for Businesses and Brands Click Here to Read

Benefits of Instagram Reels

Since people on Instagram love videos and tend to watch reels more than once, they'll be more likely to follow you back if they think that it's worth their time. Other benefits of making an Instagram video reel include:

  • making your feed look really cool

  • increasing engagement by putting a link in your bio

  • keep your followers constantly engaged with a never ending string of video content

  • show off the best moments from your experiences and give them a peak into your world.

  • giving people who might not be able to make it to events or wherever you are gives them a chance to travel vicariously through you.

  • it's an easy way for people in other countries to feel closer and more connected stateside.

  • expanding your reach by making it easier for new people to follow you

How to make a reel for Instagram Reels, Watch this

There are a number of ways to make an Instagram Reel. You can use a video editing program such as Final Cut Pro for Mac or Windows Movie Maker, ...you can also make a reel using Instagram's native video creation tools.

Check out this tutorial:

If you need a step by step walkthrough Click Here for a tutorial from Hootsuite

How can you use Reels for your Business?

Many businesses are using Instagram Reels for Business because it has many benefits over other platforms.

Reels for Instagram are the same as stories, but with certain advantages, you cannot get everywhere else.

They are generally square in appearance, and they appear at the top of their follower's feed. The first two-thirds of your reel can be seen without having to click on it which means that your reel will reach more people than any other single post could.

Then, when someone does tap on your reel, they are taken to a full-screen page where they should see an even bigger image of your content or product, or service!

In addition, Instagram Reels for Business also offers amazing content curation opportunities. In order to make sure your profile stays both relevant and interesting, many companies choose to add reels from their website or other social profiles into their feed.

A good marketing strategy is key as well. Marketing is huge in your business and Reels is the best way to marketing on Instagram. Check out this article on Medium titled " Instagram Reels Decoded: How can you use them in your marketing strategy?"

You can take your existing marketing materials and use them as reels on your business's Instagram account!

Here are some Content Ideas for Reels :
  • Share Educational content, teach them how to do what you do

  • Showcase your Products or Services

  • Share behind the scenes content

  • Announce your sales and share offers

Another Benefit for using Reels is you can now run Reels Ads. Reels Ads are different from regular ads because people can share the reels with their audiences.


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