5 Steps you need to take before launching your business on Instagram

Don't be a fool and launch your business on Instagram without a set plan! In today’s blog I am going to show you what steps you need to take prior to advertising and marketing your business on IG. It seems that as soon as Instagram came out with business account access everyone was ready to launch their business on the platform. I watched business after business just post pics and sit back and wait for sales. Unfortunately, this is NOT how Instagram works. It takes a lot of time, management, and know-how to successfully run your business on Instagram. (We will get into marketing another time). Before you can launch a business on Instagram there are some steps you will need to take to prepare yourself to dominate!

Clearly establish your Business/Brand vision, goals, manifesto

When you start a business you always have a clear vision of why you wanted to do what you do. You saw a problem and wanted to solve the problem. You had a vision that you wanted to see manifest b/c you just KNEW it was going to blow everyone out of the water. Setting up your goals, vision, and manifesto will help you to easily create content for your Instagram account. You'll know exactly what to plugin and how to market your business.

Building your client avatar gives you a clear vision as to who you are selling to. Knowing their problems, their worst-case and best-case scenario, and knowing how to solve their deepest issues will help you to shape an environment where they will come running to you and your business for help and support. Some things you want to think on:

  1. Are they male/female

  2. What is their occupation?

  3. What are they passionate about?

  4. What do they do for fun?

  5. What is their biggest problem?

  6. What do they need help with?

  7. What is their income bracket?

  8. What is their marital and family status?

Set your business goals

When it comes to your business what are the things you wish to accomplish? Is it sales, awareness, a great conversion rate? Whatever it is make sure you write them down and make it clear. Do not just make your goals and let them sit.

  1. Create your goals list and underneath the steps you are going to take to accomplish set goals.

  2. Prioritize your goals

  3. Write the steps it will take to accomplish these goals

  4. Place realistic dates by your goals

Remember small wins will equate to big wins. Create smaller goals leading up to the big so that you are not overwhelmed and frustrate yourself.

Have your paths in synch/ close those loops

When you set up your business you must have a few things intact: a website or an information source for consumers, a way to collect emails, other social media platforms for marketing, a business cell/email account, and a way for them to purchase from you. Make sure all information on all sites are filled out and accurate, make sure that all links work (you don’t want the appearance of being unprofessional in any way), email yourself through the site to ensure your email sequence is working correctly, and fill in all information on your social media platforms and direct them all to your website or purchase site.

Establish your Brand graphics / Logo / and Colors

Looks are important I don't care what anyone says. If you have an eye-catching logo, graphic, and brand colors you will literally draw customers to you! Go for how you feel then think about the colors that invoke emotion in you. My go-to is Pinterest, I look at Pinterest and look at what other brands in my niche are doing, how they are styled, and what kind of logos they have. This isn’t to copy them but to get a feel for what consumers may want and see how I can spin-off of this. Have these key steps in place before you even THINK about advertising and marketing on Instagram! Trying to make a sale on Instagram without and seamless business is a fast way to turn customers away. If they have to do too much work to get the sale you can guarantee that the sale will be lost. I like to follow the 3 click rule. If it takes a customer or client more than 3 clicks to contact you or purchase from you, you can almost guarantee that you have already lost them.