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Time for you to make Sales

Instagram has turned into a place not just for personal but now for business. Millionaires are being made on IG!

Don't believe me look at the come up of famous IG stars that we have grown to love!

Why is Instagram good for Business?

If you haven't heard already, Instagram is now at 1 billion users and grown! It's daily use has surpassed Facebook! Shouldn't you get in on this action? If there are this many people on IG and you're not making a sale something is wrong...

1. You don't know anything about Instagram for business, you just don't have the knowledge


2. You know it but you're just too lazy to execute.

I pray it's not the second one but lets be real it is probably a mixture of both.

Don't worry, I've been there.

Here are the benefits of why Instagram is good for business:

1. Customers Want to Know About Your Products Daily, they want to be the first to know what products are dropping and they want the visual!

2. Visual Content Attracts Unlimited Audience. Visuals are easier to interpret. It grabs the attention of several eyes

3. Connect To Other Social Accounts. Connecting your Instagram account with other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, the chances of attracting followers increase. Additionally, you will get a big bang on the bucks.

4. Over ⅓ of Instagram Users Have Used The App To Purchase A Product Online. 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

5. Instagram’s Ad Platform Has Access To The Most Advanced Social Media Advertising Targeting Options Available. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location on Facebook, which means you can now do the same on Instagram.

6. Sales and Leads Are Trackable Through Instagram Ads So You Can See Clear ROI.

7. Instagram Differentiates Personal Profiles from Business Profiles. If you turn your account into a business account, you will unlock a world of features to help promote your business. Some of these features include having a call to action button for your page visitors, the ability to promote your posts with ad dollars, and access to account insights.

I can go on and on and on because there are a TON of them but my reason for this post is to get you off your ass and start making sales.

Where do I begin and how do I make sales?

Making sales on IG is not as simple as posting a pic and expecting people to start flocking to your website. It doesn't happen like this but people seem to think that's it, then they complain about the algorithm.

No sweets its you!

IG is a business and you have to work the business before the business works you!

I'm going to assume that most of you fall into the category of number 1. You don't understand how to leverage IG for business.

Are any of these you:

struggling to make sales unable to connect to your ideal client confused about Instagram Business tools content creation has you stuck lacking a loyal following tired of the follow / un-follow strategy wanting to learn Instagram Ads wanting to understand Instagram Insights and Analytics

If it is then it's time for you to take the steps to LEARN , BE CONSISTENT, GROW, AND MAKE SALES!

Be Beta Tester!

I have an amazing course coming up teaching YOU how to make sales with the Instagram Platform but I need YOUR help! Yes you! I need you as a Beta tester!

What does this mean for you?

A FREE COURSE on how to make your first bling on Instagram.

Yes you read right. I need you and clearly you need me. I'm a beast at making sales on Instagram and i want to teach you all that I know. I need you to be there with me though. I need you to be my test audience.

All you have to do is apply. Once accepted all I require of you is to go through the course and set your Instagram up to make sales and bring in the doe, give me a testimonial!

Simple right. You get a course to learn how to make sales, I get a course you helped me to build and a testimonial.

Its a WIN WIN.

So are you down?