• Rocki

15 Hidden Instagram Filters to help you Stand Out [YouTube Tutorial]

We can all agree that Instagram's many algorithm changes are getting on our last nerves. We can's seem to get the engagement we need and the attention as well. We do exactly what is taught and it seems to go no where. Instagram is just playing with us.

I've heard of many different tricks and tips and this one that I am going to present to you is by far the most profound, but why not try it hell we have tried everything else!

When it came to engagement to me I did everything . Liked, commented, and engaged. When i heard of the Instagram filter trick i was skeptical and i tried it out. The results are amazing ! Who would have though that something so obvious as using Instagram's filters would increase my engagement.

So here is the theory, if you use Instagram's filters you'll get more engagement. It sounds crazy but here me out. If you used someone's product wouldn't they give you more leverage and attention. Wouldn't you be excited that they are using YOUR STUFF?! Of course you would and you would reward them. Well Instagram is the same way! If you use Their filters you will get all of the deserved engagement. Almost as if they are rewarding you.

So why don't you try it and see if it works for you!

When you open Instagram you the set filters that are there for you. We've gotten so used to seeing the same ol features that we overlook the 15 hidden Instagram filters! Noone ever sees these filter therefore giving you the advantage on two levels.

1. You are using filters that are not seen often therefore standing out


2. You are using Instagram's filters and they will reward you with engagement!

So I'm sure you are wondering where these secret filters are well I've prepared a video just for you!

Check it out!

Try out these new filters and let me know if you've seen an increase in engagement!

Looking forward to your growth!