1000 Followers Challenge: Tip # 8 Place your IG Handle in your Email Signature

Your probably wondering why this simple tip is here. Well think about it your a business right?

How many business emails do you send out daily?

How many business responses do you send out daily?

How many business inquires do you send out daily?

If your business is anything like mine LOTS! Remember the last post I put out about having a circle of eyes on your account? If you missed that blog READ IT HERE. This is another way to be seen people! It is super easy to do!

Here are the benefits of doing this easy task:

  • You’re offering your target market another avenue to continue your business relationship outside of traditional communication channels.

  • You can use Social Media Icons in your Signature instead of the links and it looks more professional, people love to click buttons

  • Combine social media with email signatures to get loads of new fans for free. Links to social media in email signatures can easily boost your social traffic and increase your customers’ loyalty. This in turn widens the total audience interacting with your brand, providing additional marketing opportunities.

  • If you only ever communicate with certain recipients by email, adding social media links creates new opportunities for them to connect with your business. People are more likely to engage with your brand on social media if they have an existing relationship with you so social media links in your signature suddenly turn into a lead nurturing avenue.

So go ahead and add those links to your email signature and take advantage of yet another way to gain your 1000 followers fast!