1000 Followers Challenge: Tip #10 Have a good IG Theme

Before we get started here I want you to look at these IG feeds and tell me the difference between what is shown and what your Instagram account has going on.

These accounts are themed and well BEAUTIFUL!

Having a good Instagram Theme is so important for so many reasons.

  • It boosts their aesthetic, and makes his or her feed appear to be more put-together and organized (which everyone wants)

  • People base their themes off of so many different aspects of their pictures. You can choose your theme to be a color scheme.

  • If your theme is clean cut then it makes your business attractive and organized

There is so much to be said about IG Themes that I decided to share this awesome video.

When I started theming my account I followed the Preview App webpage and downloaded the app and it helped me to theme my account perfectly!

Check out their article here!

Comment your IG account and let us check out your amazing IG theme!