1000 Followers Challenge: Tip #5 Do your Hashtag Research

Hashtags lead you to that magic word "Engagement". Using hashtags effectively is key to getting Instagram users to your posts and ultimately your profile. When they are on your profile it'll lead to sales because your a boss like that! So lets get into it.

Hashtag Search Values

Each individual hashtag has a number attached to it. This number that is tied to the hashtag is known as a search value. The search value is the number that tells you how many individuals used that hashtag on their post. Through these search values you can research and rearrange hashtags to get you the engagement and benefits of heading straight to the Top posts, getting maximum likes and comments, and sending clients straight into your path.

Types of Hashtag Research

Before giving you all the juicy secrets to Top Posts and more lets go over the different types of hashtag research.

*On the Spot Research*

When you start your research you are going to write out all of the hashtags that you can think of that refers to your business, brand, or just the post in general. Once you have finished this you want to go into Instagram and go to the search bar. Type in your hashtags and write the number that you see. This is your search value. Do this for all of your hashtags.

*Search Bar Research*

In search bar research your going to head to the search bar and start typing in the word you want to research, as you notice other words will start to populate. Write down all of the words that Instagram suggests to you! This is going to get you great lead work. Make sure that you write down the search values.

*Competitor Research*

Competitor research is just that, you are sneaking in on your competitor. Write down at least 5 people that you admire and follow on Instagram. Make sure that these Influencers use hashtags. What you are going to do is snoop on their posts and literally take the hashtags from their posts. It works for them so why wouldn't it work for you? Create the list and add the search values as with the other research techniques.

What each Search Value will do for you.

Each bit of search value does a certain thing for your posts. When you have low ranking hashtags this means that you will stand out. If a hashtag has a search value of 1000 , when you make your post with that hashtag you will stand out because 1. that hashtag is barely used and 2. it is in your niche market so you get specific potential customers looking for your feed.

When you have a search value that is super high like 800000 to 1 mil you will get that quick engagement. Instagram LOVES THIS. Quick engagement means that your post is interesting and something worth pushing out to a further audience.

When you put the two combos together Low search value and High search value with the quick engagement that equals TOP POST!

Yes you've heard it right! TOP POST.

So each search value means something else in between here is the break down:

Hashtag Value Breakdown

0-20,000 means that you will remain in the feed longer, and you may end up on Top Post

20,000-100,000 means that you are still in the niche hashtag, you'll get a short lived quick engagement

100,000-500,000 You will stay in feed for a bit and get engagement but may lose time in the feed (you can still make Top Post here)

500,000-1Mil Quick Fast engagement that will have you shoot up the ranks as a popular post BUT you will not remain in the feed long

1 Mil and up You may or may not see a lot of engagement and if you do it won't last at all

Create Combinations that Work

The key to finding out what works for you is creating combinations that work and allows you to get the maximum engagement. This is a combination that equals 30 hashtags!

The combo that works for me is

10 #'s with search value of 0-20000

5 #'s with search value of 20000-100000

10#;s with 100000-500000

5#'s with 500000-1Mil

This is my 30 hashtags. This works for me because i get that quick engagement, and I have enough hashtags with low search value that I will definitely land me in the Top Post area!


Ok breathe! That was a lot of info! Try it out and let me know if it works for you.