1000 Followers Challenge: Tip #4 Like posts like a Maniac

Alright Alright Alriiiiiight! We are now on Tip number 4 and this task is very simple and easy for you to accomplish. All I want you to do is like posts like crazy.

Ok Blog post over, just kidding. For real though there's no big trick to this one. Liking posts in IG gets attention to you and your Instagram, shows interest in relative niches, and helps them to reciprocate and like your posts back!

Engagement is Key

In all things Social Media you have to be , clears throat, SOCIAL. There are 3 main ways to engage with your Instagram Audience.

1. Like

2. Comment

3. Follow

Tip 4 is focusing on Likes but why are they so important?

1. When you like a users post you get noticed. You are showing interest and if your profile pic is attractive they will in turn check out your account and maybe return the favor

2. When you like a photo and the user likes a photo of yours back you show up on THEIR explore page!

3. You can like photos in your niche. When you do this and check out your new explore page you will see nothing but other photos that belong in your nice to engage with

4. When you like photos like a maniac you reach more accounts who will intern check you out and reciprocate

5. You can like up to 150 photos per hour. Like away, once you get to a point where you click like and then the red hear disappears again you've reached your limit.

Like Techniques that work

There are techniques to make sure you like posts like a maniac the right way! Yes there is a right way lol.

First off pic 4 hashtags related to your niche and those will be the only 4 hashtags you will be liking consistently. What this does is make sure your seen consistently amongst the same users. People will notice your consistency and WANT to follow you because at the end of the day that's what they want, engagement.

Second off like your niche hashtags every 2-3 hours or so. So you will be doing about 4 rounds a day. Yes it seems like a lot but if you want results you will do the work to get it!

Third off LIKE YOUR OWN FOLLOWERS POSTS. Don't forget your current followers and fans bc you still want them to maintain their engagement with you.

I know what your thinking. This is so much work and I don't have the time. Well yes you do, if you want your business to succeed and your Instagram account to grow you will do the work!

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See you tomorrow for Tip #5