1000 Followers Challenge: Tip #3 Like, Comment and Follow other accounts in your Niche

We are moving right along! So let's get into Tip #3! It is important to network with other accounts. There is nothing like getting support from your peers. Not just any peers but the ones that know what your going through in your particular business.

When we talk about networking it literally scares the mess out of some people. The fear of rejection is real! At times you may feel like YES let me speak to this person , they understand me, they get my business, and we can definitely connect! Then on the other hand there's the fear. What if they think I'm crazy? What if they don't find me worthy to connect with? Their account is so much bigger then mine, how do i even start to network?!

My favorite ways are to flatter the account.

If you find an account that relates to you and you are drawn to it then let them know! Like their photos, Comment on the posts to start a conversation, and Follow the account.

The one thing that stop folks from following other accounts is the fear of the ratio. Who cares about your follow to following ratio if you connect with an amazing account that will support you!

Here are my tips for engagement with your matching niche accounts:

1. Like their posts. At least 5 a day

2. Make meaningful comments, start a good discussion on their posts

3. Follow them and turn on their post notifications, this is how you will know when they post and you can be the first to interact with them.

I read an amazing article on Forbes magazine about this as well.

You can read it here:


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