5 Ways to Capture Leads on Instagram

Business owners are using Instagram to capture leads, get sales, and increase traffic to their website. In this blog today you'll be learning about the five ways that you can get leads from your Instagram account.

Why are leads important?

Having a direct lead for your business is like magic. Once you have a product that you know people want and you capture them as a potential customer that is what you can consider a lead. You're pretty much leading the interested customer into a sale. Instagram is great for this because you post a product that interests someone, they inquire about it and hopefully, eventually, they will purchase it. Your potential customer will check out the product, then eventually decide if they want the product or not. During this period of indecisiveness, that is your cue to step in give them tons of value and convince them that this product or service is what they need in their life. So today I'm going to show you the five ways you can get leads through your Instagram account.

1.Have a legit website or Blog.

The first thing followers see on your Instagram account is your feed how is your feed set up if it's beautifully laid out and everything is clear and perfect they can pretty much consider you a legit business. The next thing that customers check out is your website so do you have a good website or blog set up. Your website or your blog should clearly depict The products that you're selling or the services that you were providing. If your link is not a domain that you have purchased for example www.socialwithrocki.com and you are using a WordPress account with a none purchased or made and you have a long link make sure you use a link shortener like bit.ly or Tiny URL. This will allow your Instagram account to look cleaner.

Quick tip: make sure your website is optimized for mobile because a majority of your followers are scrolling Instagram from a mobile phone.

2. Make sure all photos posted are in high definition and clearly seen

There's no bigger turn-off and somebody that is looking at a photo where they can barely tell what the product is or the description of the product is very big the person will look at your product and turn away very quickly. And nice Christmas photo that shows and bright colors Are attractive to potential customers.

3. Start building your email list

The magic is in the list once you have a good email list you now have potential leads and clients for the rest of your life you can continue to send those clients information value product sales new products or any back behind the scenes footage if you want to send them it's like having constant contact with your leads. so how do you get them to sign up for your email list? offer them something free and a value the best thing you can do is to solve a problem whether it be a free eBook a cheat sheet a style guide a branding guide anything that's related to your product that solves the problem that you can give away for free. The best email marketing sites that I have that I like is Mail Chimp, Convert kit and even aAweber. Set up a lead page and showing them that they can download a free guy that have them sign up for the free guide through the sign-up form and then automatically emailed them the free guy you know have them on an email list. make sure the offers are nice and juicy and something that they cannot resist.

4. Utilize Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a great way to gain leads faster. Instagram Ads give you more bang for your buck. Your best bet is to build your email list from the Ads. When you are setting up your Instagram ads do this on your Facebook desktop. Social Media Examiner has a great article on how to capture leads through Instagram Ads. READ IT HERE

5. Use effective Call to Actions

What is it that you want your clients to do? Using a call to actions is definitely enough to get a lead and make a sale. “Buy now”, “Catch on sale now” “Purchase while supplies last” All of these are fantastic for getting sales. Make them feel that if they don’t get the product they will miss out. The best photos to go with Call to Actions are photos from another customers testimony. When other people see that the product has been used AND the prior customers were happy this sets off a chain effect of wanting to be “included” and “shouted out” as well.

These 5 steps to getting leads on Instagram is enough to get you started. If you want to learn more about getting sales and growing your following on Instagram join us in the InstaBiz University Tribe. We look forward to seeing you there!