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 Instagram is an important aspect in your business that needs your focus. Hiring a manger to post for you and engage is best to save time but what happens when they are no longer on hire? You will need to know how to manage the account on your own.

One on One Instagram coaching is perfect for the business owner that wants to learn the platform for themselves. You are driven and just want to learn. I get it. Instagram is a huge platform with many facets. Mastering it would be a great benefit for you and your team. 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

What's Included:

  • How to grow your following on Instagram in an organic way

  • How to make money with your Instagram account

  • Ways to monetize your blog or website

  • Top secrets Instagram influencers don’t want you to know ;)

  • How to increase traffic on your site and other social media pages

  • Actionable ways to improve your content and photos

  • Tips to improve your Instagram page and make people want to follow

  • How to increase your likes and engagement on Instagram

  • Ways to find the best hashtags to use on Instagram

  • How to create Instagram stories and reels that followers engage with

  • How to use Instagram ads to get amazing results

  • Anything else you are struggling to find solutions for!

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