Instagram is not dead, you just may be lacking the skills you need to keep your account alive. When we first learned about making sales on Instagram we were so excited!
We thought it would be a piece of cake, make a post, get a sale. 
What a surprise when you noticed it wasn't easy and it took actual work and strategy. 
The problem is :
1. You don't understand the Algorithm nor how Instagram works
2. Your account is not set up as a business
3. You have a hard time keeping followers and growing your following
4. Your engagement is decreasing
5. Your content is not interesting and not planned therefore lacking consistency 
6. You don't understand your insights and analytics and are missing out on sales and so much more!



  • Learning the ins and outs of Instagram when no one else does

  • Actually understanding the Algorithm so you can work with it and not against it

  • Setting your business on autopilot, only coming in to engage​

  • Having systems set up for automatic sales with each post

  • Your engagement returning and your impressions growing

  • Being confident with Video Marketing and building a fan base

  • Creating Content and having a plan that matches your business goals

  • Reaching out to Instagrams 1 billion users and finding your ideal market, niche market, and active sales market



The Only Course that teaches you how to Set up and Dominate your Instagram Business Page from start to Finish. Make sales, Increase Engagement, and Automate your Systems.

Here’s how Instabiz University is Different from other courses:

  • NO fluff just facts

  • Instagram is forever changing you will get updates as it does

  • We not only go into the dynamics of IG but also break down the importance of Business Planning and Systems

  • You get to learn real strategies that I’ve used to earn income in my sleep

  • You have direct access to me as your coach

  • I will personally audit your Instagram as you rock through the course

  • It is a COMPLETE training on ALL FEATURES in Instagram

  • Be able to set up your Instagram correctly so that your clients and customers can go to your page and know exactly what it is that you offer

  • Be able to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account so that your look is professional, niched down, and inviting and your followers will stick around

  • Be able to create content easily and quickly, plan, and automate so that you are stress free and can focus more on your business and creating your programs/systems.

  • Be able to have the perfect Hashtag Strategy so that you bring in the correct audience to your page, increase engagement, and attract your dream clients

  • Be able to master Instagram Stories and Highlights so that you have a Business Reel that sticks around so you will not have to explain your offers repeatedly, or waste time with unnecessary conversation that is already displayed on your page

  • Be able to master video marketing byway of IG Live and IGTV so that you can bring on a unique following that is constantly tuned in and empowers the “know, like , and do” factor

  • Be able to master Direct Message Marketing so that you can sell to your customers without be spammy or pushy and get the sale through personal conversation

And so much more….

12 Module Course

(Value $1997)

This is the meat and potatoes. The whole shebang. This course is all the modules that will walk you through Instagram step by step. You will learn all about Instagram and Instagram Marketing. Set up your Instagram correctly and set up your systems for Business to make sales while you sleep

Instagram Ebook Series

(Value $97)

Every eBook lesson I've ever created on Instagram. Here are the visual aids that will further assist you in learning Instagram. This is for my students that need to read and physically see what needs to be done on the Gram

Content Calendar

(Value $57)

This is a content calendar where you will line up your topics so that you know exactly what to post on Instagram and when. This is a design that follows the 80/20 method. 80 percent value and 20 percent sales. This eliminates the random and, on the fly, posting that gets you nowhere.

Top Tools Sheet

Here you will have all the tools I used to take my Instagram to the next level. This includes my video tools, hashtag tools, best apps, and more. These are apps that help the top influencers get to where they are today. You will dominate Instagram as you will have the top secrets that many do not

1 on 1 Coaching

(Value $2997)

You will have a 1 hour one on one session with me and I will walk you through your Instagram set up! Many get stuck and cannot do it for themselves and this is where I step in. I will be side by side with you telling you what to do and how to do it.

Graphics Package

(Value $397)

You will get a set of editable templates. I have designed for you templates to use for your Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Highlights Reel and your IGTV Branding. All you must do is make a copy and put your brand colors in there. This allows for creating and easy brand aesthetic.

20 Module Instabiz University course (Value $1997)          Instagram Ebook Series (Value $297)

Social Media Content Calendar (Value $57)                           Top Marketing Tool Cheat Sheet

One on One Consultation ($2997)                                             Instagram Graphics Template (Value $397)

        TODAY’S PRICE $997 

Instabiz U. membership 

Whose your Coach

Hello all My name is Rocki and I will be your coach during your Instagram adventure! I started out as a social media manager and marketer and decided Instagram was my fave platform.


I started growing accounts for free and word of mouth, caught on, and boom a business was born!


I've grown over 275 client accounts earning them thousands of income from sales!


About 2 years ago I got hired to be a moderator for Gary Vaynerchuck and have been doing this as long as my business ever since. i am also a student business coach for Jenna soard, course created expert. 


should you choose to sign up for this course i will personally hold you accountable and ensure your Instagram dominates in 2020!


Looking forward to working with you!

love rocki

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