How to get Maximum views on Reels and Grow Your Instagram Account

Get Real with REELs!

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Get Real with Reels 5 Day Challenge teaches you how to build your views and community, and how to make sales by creating amazingly attractive content that converts viewers into clients. 

This workshop will lead up to the 
Instagram Reels Accelerator, my new 6-week Instagram Reels course for business owners who are ready to start creating with Reels,

Imagine if you did the simple steps I give you and you did them consistently?

What does that look like for you?

Those beautiful little pink FOLLOW NOTIFICATIONS coming through faster than you can blink…

Your DM’s OVERFLOWING with questions about YOUR products and services…

Your linktree is being CLICKED and explored…

You are TRENDING…on the EXPLORE page…

That cute little crochet dress you spent so many weeks on has gone VIRAL and now you can’t keep up with the IG ‘Add to Carts”...

Your email list is GROWING longer than CVS receipts with “notify me when back in stock” and “Yes, I want to be the first to know about new product drops”…

Brands are reaching out to collaborate and pay you to get in front of your audience,

And ultimately your bank account busting at the digital seams with purchases, subscriptions, and PAID INVOICES!

No matter what reason you are choosing to learn how to maximize Reels, you will expand your reach and get in front of potential millions.

I have the juice if you will… not just any old juice, but Jesus Juice.

I have helped hundreds of students grow their Instagram accounts, build community, sell their products and services, and run social their way!

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Reel Examples that got me massive views, Clients, and Sales:

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You don’t have to take my word for it, actually I wouldn’t want you to… take theirs

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Okay, at this point, you’re probably like…”Rocki, all this sounds great, but give us the ‘real real’, WHAT IS THE CATCH?”

Can’t I do this alone? 


Yes you could do it alone, but it will take you much longer than the course to figure out what you are doing and even longer to test your strategy. 


All I have to do is copy the challenges and TikTok dances right?


You have to be able to leverage Reels in a way that highlights your message and shares your brand in a way that adds value. 


Do I really NEED to learn reels? 


Yes. Instagram is being stingy on the ‘facetime’ with your audiences and since it's their house, we have to play by their rules.


Can’t I just run ads?


You could run ads, but if you are missing the fundamentals of how to reach the right audience in the right way, you will just setting your bitcoin and zelle transfers on virtual fire.


How much work is this going to be?

Well that depends on how serious you are. But if you implement the strategies taught in the course, you will be consistent and also efficient. That means a strategic, streamlined approach to reach more people in less time.


How long will it take me to see results?


Results will vary based on consistency and business type, but you should notice an increase in engagement after your very first reel.


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IT's Going to be a Movie... For REEL!

Created and Presented by:

Social Media Expert, Rocki

I have been on Instagram for over a decade and I have been building community after community that resulted in friendships, partnerships, and profits every damn time.


I have created industry favorites such as:

Hashtag Redemption

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And now…that’s right…

Get Real With Reels!

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