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You have already seen some success with your Instagram Business accounts through this Beta Course imagine how much further you can go!
Allow me to tell you how proud I am of your quick success! You have gained many followers, increased your engagement, had massive views on your accounts, and even made sales within days of the course!
Many of you have asked how can you further work with me and gain more knowledge of Instagram Marketing, well the answer is Beta for Life! Currently this is the only way we an continue our growing relationship and make sure you grow in your business through the Instagram platform!
Here's to our future partnership in growing and scaling your business!

Option #1: Beta Bestie

This gives you lifetime access ONLY to this specific course which includes:

  • Continued access to the course after Feb 1st

  • Continued access to the private FB Group

  • Access to all upgrades and updates to the course to include:

    • Instagram Influencer Marketing​

    • Giveaways and Contests

    • Instagram Ads and Stories Ads

    • Sponsorship and Brand Ambassador training

    • Direct Message Marketing Advanced

    • Cross Promoting SM platforms


6 Payments of $97

Pay in full $497 save $85

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Pay in Full $497

Option #2: Beta 4 Life

You will receive everything that is included in the Beta Bestie package as well as every course I will create from here on out!

​(Price and size of course does not matter! You're in there!)

Up and coming courses include:

  • Tag that, Hashtag Class (valued at $597)

  • Grow your list through the Gram (valued at $297)

  • Tunnels and Funnels (valued at $297)

  • Creative Canva (valued $197)

  • Pinterest Growth loop (valuded at $697)...

and more!

Total value = over $2000

These courses are set to come out from now to a year out! It will all be yours at no cost!


4 Payments of $197

Pay in full $697 save $90


7 Payments of $197

Pay in full $1297 save $82

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Pay in full $1297

Option #3: Beta VIP

This is the Top of the Iceberg!


You get the maximum, all that I have!

You get the benefits of both of the previous tiers, as well as 1 on 1 personal coaching by me. I will personally audit your account and work hand and hand with you.

You will get 

  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions 60 mins. once a month

  • Instagram Audit / Plan

  • Be your personal accountability partner

  • Walking your through lessons step by step and ensuring your success!

Total value = over $3000 (worth my normal rate)

Having access to every single course is a BIG DEAL. You will be set for life when it comes to Instagram , literally!

Time is winding down! don't miss out!


6 Payments of $97

Pay in full $497 save $85


4 Payments of $197

Pay in full $697 save $90


7 Payments of $197

Pay in full $1297 save $82