Who is Rocki?

What up Fam!

What's up everyone my name is Rocki. I have been in the Social Media business for a while now. I started on Social Media as a model and someone that just liked showing off. I got one big shoutout from a huge influencer and my Instagram account sky rocketed. After this I was addicted. I learned how to grow an Instagram following, Manage a FB account that helps convert business and traffic, and design beautiful account aesthetics.

As an Entrepreneur I am always learning and growing. As I started to learn from other entrepreneurs i grew upset. Most of their trainings were fluff and doesn't ever give any advice that works! No one cares about your long story of "how you got here" or the "beginner stages of success" we want the JUICE! We want RESULTS! 

When I started gaining traction I reached out to a huge "Instagram Expert". I looked up to her and what did she do when i reached out? she spit in my face ,so to speak, and told me I was "no expert." She felt this way due to the fact that I didn't have the hours certified to be an "expert". I was CRUSHED! How dare she? After this my drive grew stronger to help others genuinely and make sure NOBODY is every treated the way she treated me!

In August 2018 I applied to be a moderator for one of my biggest influencers, Gary Vaynerchuck. I GOT HIRED! I now help to moderate his ONLY official FB Page "First in Line" JOIN HERE BTW.  

I then reached out to another boss Jenna Soard and launched my first course Instabiz University! This was the highlight of my business life! I had grown a community of fun loving business women who get to learn Instagram from top to bottom AND get their first sales on the platform.

Your probably wondering what can i do for you?

  • Help you build your aesthetic and brand on your social media accounts 

  • Create content that is relevant, original, and high quality 

  • Create regular publishing and posting schedule 

  • Promote content through Social advertising

  • Social media Marketing and Lead generation

       and so much more..

Lets stay connected! Learn and grow from this site and take your account to the next level!

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Beat the Algorithm

Gain followers

Make Sales

Receive more engagement

Network with Influencers 


Grow your page likes

Engage with your Audience

Create great content

Utilize FB Ads to its highest Potential

Increase Brand Awareness 


Gain followers


Increase engagement

Lead generation and traffic

Build Professional Profile

Network with Professionals

Traffic and Lead Generation